Mentors are powerful people…


Do you have a mentor? Did you choose them or did they choose you?

Having a mentor in life helps. Not only can mentors add valuable advice but they can help in various aspects of your life whether you may be looking for a new job, working on a new project and need some additional resources, or looking for a spouse. Yes, a spouse! Why not go through people you know who can recommend someone they know versus taking a risky chance on someone who no one knows? It makes sense.

Mentors are powerful people. I have associates who met their spouses through mentors. I have friends and associates who have met their new employers through mentors. You should choose your mentors because… they are powerful people. If a mentor chooses you and you do not choose them back, it has a high chance of not being a successful mentorship. Dr. Bernice A. King, Dr. Kings daughter, once said in a speech that, “we can diminish poverty with educative mentorship.” Now, that is powerful!

During my service in the military, I did not get a chance to choose a good mentor. Do not miss that opportunity. They might be someone closer to you than you think, take the time to take them out to lunch and start building that rapport. You just may end up meeting your new spouse or new employer from that mentorship.



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