“You Look Healthy!”

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What does healthy actually look like? I had an interesting week last week. Full of amazing coaching and mentoring with some personal growth and self development sprinkled with a little sunshine and refreshing rain. For a brief background, I must inform you if you do not know already, it is hard for most women to go anywhere without a man staring at her rear end, breasts, or more. It is another typical day and I am not wearing my breasts or butt out. A middle aged man stops briefly as I am entering the grocery store and he is leaving but must tell me something so important.

I sometimes take longer routes depending on who is in my direct path to a destination to avoid the stares and comments. Some women do not agree with my views and take the longer routes to get that extra attention. To each their own. However, sometimes most women who are constantly gawked at or “cat-called” want a break. This was that day and when he briefly stopped, he simply said, “you look healthy.”

Catching me completely off guard, I said “thank you” shockingly, but began to ponder what does healthy actually look like. It is almost the same as beauty, for beauty varies from culture to culture and from eye to eye. The beholder makes the rules. But I wanted to know, really… what does healthy look like?

What does healthy look like to you or have you ever gotten such a remark or compliment? What would you say in response if anything? Men, if a woman said you looked healthy, what would your response be? I am actually curious on this and certainly was thankful that my a$$ was not devoured by this man’s eyes nor did he pitch a story to get my number. Sometimes, some men stare so obviously with your back turned but you can still feel the heat burning through your pants through your panties from their eyes, even without seeing them in your central vision or your peripheral vision. Yes indeed, it was an interesting week.



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2 thoughts on ““You Look Healthy!””

  1. Actually, “healthy” is to some extent a misnomer since “health” is tied up with “wealth” when it comes to reproductive choices, which is what all this is actually about, though our forebrains complicate the issue.

    That’s part of why beauty standards change as economies do. 90 years ago being a little chubby was looking “prosperous” and was a compliment; now it isn’t, largely because being thin in day and age is more of a measure of wealth / health than being chubby.

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