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Your Life Coach, AP, talks with Health Professional Radio

I like to have hot topic discussions to bring not only awareness of certain topics to people who may not get a chance to have the opportunity, to have that discussion, but to also increase my knowledge. I do not know everything. I learn from some of the youngest children I come in counter with when mentoring and I am honored.

What I really have a problem with is when people share misguided information or when they knowingly share misleading information. These people lose credibility fast for me, but for others, others that refuse to do their own research, tend to stay in the misguided path. A cloudy path or a path that never seems to be lighted with truth nor enlightened with logic.

Let us always seek knowledge. Let us always share knowledge and let us never forget, with knowledge comes power. Let us be reminded from the footsteps of great leaders and inspirational leaders around the world. Let us grow to continue to be coaches, mentors, leaders, inspirational people and more. Who is with me? This is a call to action. A call for change. A pledge to do better. To be better. Everyday. I am counting on you. Please count on me to do the same.

In Service,



Serve as a Fellow with I Will Survive, Inc.


Through the Mission Continues’ Fellowship Program, selected veterans volunteer part-time for six months with I Will Survive, Inc. In return, Fellows receive a living stipend, complete a leadership development curriculum and develop new skills and networks. The Fellowship Program is ideal for veterans looking to start a new career, gain practical work experience while attending school or for a new way to serve at home. Find out more at www.MissionContinues.org (open to post-9/11 veterans)

Need: Honorable Discharge, DD214, Clean Criminal Record, and signed Memorandum of Understanding.

  • Attend a three-day fellowship orientation (coming up in Atlanta).
  • Gain additional leadership skills as a civilian.
  • Transfer military skills to the civilian workforce.
  • Gain public speaking skills.
  • Obtain networks for future careers after the fellowship.
  • Become active citizens in the community.
  • Gain mentorship and coaching from a Certified Professional Life Coach free of charge.
  • Work directly with the Executive Director of I Will Survive, Inc., who is also a veteran who served two tours in Iraq, obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications and will obtain a Masters in Public Administration.

Please visit the host organization at www.IWillSurviveInc.org to gain more information. Email contact@iwillsurviveinc.org if you are interested to serve again!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I Will Survive, Inc. 5879 New Peachtree Rd., Suite D., Atlanta, GA 30340

Phone 404.483.8503 Fax 800.880.1586

Mentors are powerful people…


Do you have a mentor? Did you choose them or did they choose you?

Having a mentor in life helps. Not only can mentors add valuable advice but they can help in various aspects of your life whether you may be looking for a new job, working on a new project and need some additional resources, or looking for a spouse. Yes, a spouse! Why not go through people you know who can recommend someone they know versus taking a risky chance on someone who no one knows? It makes sense.

Mentors are powerful people. I have associates who met their spouses through mentors. I have friends and associates who have met their new employers through mentors. You should choose your mentors because… they are powerful people. If a mentor chooses you and you do not choose them back, it has a high chance of not being a successful mentorship. Dr. Bernice A. King, Dr. Kings daughter, once said in a speech that, “we can diminish poverty with educative mentorship.” Now, that is powerful!

During my service in the military, I did not get a chance to choose a good mentor. Do not miss that opportunity. They might be someone closer to you than you think, take the time to take them out to lunch and start building that rapport. You just may end up meeting your new spouse or new employer from that mentorship.